James Volkert
The Rules of Sin and Redemption: After FragonardEvidence (Time/ Place): After ColeEvidence (Earth): After Alma TademaEvidence (Air): After TrumbullEvidence (Fire): After RemingtonEvidence (Water): After ChurchSignals: After TurnerDifficult Passage: After TurnerWork-1865, 1915,1965: After Homer, Bellows, ThiebaudThe Wisdom of Daniel #2: After Tintoretto19th Century Museum Teaching Frame: After CaillebotteReliquary: After DelacroixEffect: After MonetOn the Occasion of King George IV's Visit to Scotland in an Unsound Ship of State: After ButterworthNight Lights: After HopperOne Point Perspective: After CaillebotteSymbols of the Republic:After StuartStrong On Shore Breeze: After HomerPlay as Metaphor, 1872: After Homerla beaute, comme la verite: After CourbetUncertain Sun Shot: After HomerPoint Perspective: After MoranStructure: After Hopper12 Portraits: 1887-1890Gallop: After RemingtonBlocked Scene: After HomerExamination:  After BoschExamination: After EakinsReader: After FragonardRules: After FragonardDeconstructed Allegories: After BoucherPassage: After JMW TurnerMedusa: After Gericault4096 Indulgences: After Corrado GiaquintoRacer's Rhythm: After SloanManifest Destiny Coming and Going: After Bierstadt and BinghamSame time Same place: After Monet and RenoirAmoureux: After FragonardLifelines: After HomerMorning: After Hopper1863: After Manet and HomerExcursion: After Bingham and GeromeNiagara Falls from Both Sides:
After ChurchBellows ErectorBellows Erector #2Bellows Erector No. 3:  The DilemmaSweep/SlideThiebaud BlocksThiebaud Blocks (detail, Bakery Case)19th Century ConversationAdjustable Afterlife GaugeSelections from the permanent collection of Crystal BridgesDetail: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Crystal BridgesBiglin BrothersdadamotionAffondano Blocchi ( Sinking Blocks)Fragonard BoxGulf Stream Horizon ToolHe didn't notice her standing thereHomer(heeling)In Advance of ModernismMoran Locator TransitManet PendulumNapoleon BoxRoyal Box16 Final Paintings, July, 189016 Final Paintings, July, 1890 (Detail)
Oil paintings, action figures, mixed media
105 x 11 1/2 x 9 1/Rubens PortableSloan Adjustable Ferry WakeThe SwingThe Wisdom of DanielTurnerVenice Water GaugeWatch Trainer

James Volkert

Mixed media museum pieces